Finngard Silikonipohjuste

Water-borne, silicone-based primer (concentrate).


Finngard Silikonipohjuste

Water-borne, silicone-based primer (concentrate).

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Water-borne, silicone-based primer (concentrate).

Product Features

For priming porous, water-absorbing unpainted surfaces or previously painted aggregate surfaces before painting with Kivisil façade paint, Finngard Silikonihartsimaali or other paints suitable for organic aggregate surfaces, such as Yki.

Recommended Uses

Residential, commercial, industrial, storage and other buildings.


Mixture coverage: 1–2 m²/l on rendered surfaces, 2–4 m²/l on concrete. Amount of Finngard Silikonipohjuste (undiluted) needed: 0.05–0.1 l/m² for rendered surfaces, 0.025–0.05 l/m² for concrete. The coverage is affected by the roughness and porosity of the substrate and the absorption qualities of any previous treatments applied to the surface to be primed.


Must be protected from frost. Must be kept in tightly closed containers. The storage temperature must be below +30°C. The water-mixed working solution keeps for 24 hours.

Application Conditions

The surface to be treated must be clean, the ambient temperature at least +5 °C and the relative humidity of air below 80%. Do not apply the product to a wet or non-absorbent surface.

Surface preparation

Unpainted surfaces: Clean the unpainted surfaces of any dirt, dust and salt. If the formation of salt is very strong and continuous, the surfaces must not be treated before the cause of salt formation has been eliminated. Concrete element surfaces should not be primed earlier than after one heating period. Concrete surfaces that have been cast with formwork must be treated mechanically (e.g. sand-blasted) to create an appropriate surface profile. You can remove any glassy and glossy cement stone from the surface using sand-blasting, a mechanical wire brush or pressure cleaning with added sand. New rendered surfaces should be allowed to dry for one or two months before being primed. Previously painted surface: Remove any flaking, poorly adhering or powdery paint coats from previously painted surfaces. Choose the removal method according to the strength of the substrate and type of paint to be removed (e.g. wire brush, pressure washing with hot water or wet sand-blasting). Also remove any poorly adhered, fragile areas of plaster or concrete. If the substrate forms salts, the surfaces must not be treated before the cause of salt formation has been eliminated. In concrete structures, open any cracks over the reinforcement steel bars by chiseling or with an edge grinder, etc. Clean the bars of rust and continue treatment with Finnseco repair mortars.


First coat:

The surface of the primed area must always be treated.

Cleaning of tools

Wash tools with water and detergent (eg Pensselipesu)

Gentle cleaning agent

It is essential to clean surfaces in an appropriate manner before finishing. In saunas, the most appropriate product for this is Supi Saunapesu, the cleaning agent in the Supi product range.

Bleaches without chlorine.

Unlike most cleaning agents, Supi Saunapesu is acidic. It bleaches without chlorine.

Removes limescale deposits

Supi Saunapesu removes limescale deposits effectively.

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