Finnseco KL+Korjauslaasti

Polymer-modified fiber-reinforced cement mortar containing a corrosion inhibitor.


Polymer-modified fiber-reinforced cement mortar containing a corrosion inhibitor.

Product Features

For repairing concrete structures, suitable for outdoor and indoor use. Easy to apply and shape thanks to its paste-like composition. Does not require separate grout.

Recommended Uses

Residential, commercial, industrial and storage buildings and others.


A 25 kg sack will give approx. 17 liters of mix. Grade: 0–1.5 mm. Layer thickness:: 3-50 mm, filling of holes 100 mm.

Application Conditions

The temperature of air, repair mortar and substrate must be at least +5 °C. Avoid working when it is hot or in direct sunlight.

Surface preparation

Remove any loose and damaged concrete. The edges of the area to be repaired are pick dressed to make them gently sloping. Concrete surrounding exposed reinforcement bars should be removed (minimum 15 mm or 1.5 times the reinforcement diameter) and cleaned from rust (prepared) to at least grade St2. When the thickness of the protective layer of reinforcement steel in the finished structure is less than 10 mm, the reinforcement steel must be protected with Finnseco Grout or Finnseco-KOR anti-corrosion paint. PREPARING THE MORTAR: Add the Finnseco-KL+ powder to clean water and mix to an even consistency, e.g. with a whisk attached to a power drill or in a mixer. Let the mix stand for approx. 10 minutes and mix again before starting work.


First coat:

Repair: The area to be repaired is moistened carefully 1–2 hours before starting. You can start the repairs when the moist area is no longer glossy. Finnseco Tartuntalaasti is recommended to be used on smooth or unevenly absorbent surfaces. Pack mortar into the hole to be repaired with a trowel. This eliminates any air pockets that could weaken the bond. The mortar can also be applied by spraying with a paste-spraying gun. Several layers are used to repair extensive areas that are more than 50 mm deep. Let the patch dry for at least one day before continuing to fill it.

Cleaning of tools

Wash tools immediately after use with water.


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