Finnseco Pikatasoite

Paste-like manually applied patch mix and filler for concrete surfaces that hardens and dries rapidly.

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Paste-like manually applied patch mix and filler for concrete surfaces that hardens and dries rapidly.

Product Features

Repair of damage and casting defects in concrete structures and dressing outdoor and indoor floors. Easy to apply and shape thanks to its paste-like composition.

Recommended Uses

Residential, commercial, industrial and storage buildings and others.


Amount of material to be used: 1.5 kg/m²/mm. Grade: 0.3 mm. Layer thickness: 1-25 mm. Filling of holes max. 50 mm

Application Conditions

The temperature of air, filler and substrate must be at least +5°C. Avoid working when it is hot or in direct sunlight.

Surface preparation

Remove the existing coating or paint by sand-blasting. Remove any loose or damaged concrete, expose the corroded reinforcement bars by chipping and clean them of rust to grade St2. Remove any sanding and chiseling waste carefully. The cleaned reinforcements are treated with Finnseco Tartuntalaasti or Finnseco-KOR anti-corrosion paint. Necessary patching is done with Finnseco repair mortars according to instructions or by using Finnseco Pikatasoite. PREPARING THE MORTAR The use purpose of the filler and in particular the layer thickness can be adjusted by the amount of water used. Mix 3.2-4.4 liters of water with a sack of dry product, which corresponds to 16-22% of the dry weight of the mortar. Filler is mixed to even consistency using a whisk attached to a power drill and spread immediately to the surface being leveled. When using the maximum amount of water, the mortar is suitable for thin dressing. By reducing the amount of water, you can also increase the layer thickness. In case of thick layers, approx. 20-25mm, and when filling large holes or in case of shape casting, such as skirting boards on a balcony, the amounts used are 3.2-3.5 liter of water / 20 kg of dry product.


First coat:

The area to be leveled is primed using undiluted Tikkurila Hydrosolipohjuste during each round of leveling. The primer must not puddle. When the primed area to be leveled is no longer shiny, in about 15 minutes after priming, you can start leveling.

Cleaning of tools

Dried filler is mechanically removed.


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