Lime paint made from slaked lime.

  • Breathable
  • Universal interior and exterior
  • Easy to use
  • 24 h
  • 1 h


  • Full matt


Lime paint made from slaked lime.

Product Features

Suitable for painting interior and exterior lime-rich plaster surfaces and surfaces previously painted with lime paint.

Recommended Uses

Lime and lime cement plastered facades, interior walls, cellars, etc.


0.5–0.8 kg of unthinned Holvi lime paint/m² (finished surface with 2–3 coats). Coverage is affected by the roughness and porosity of the substrate.



Application Conditions

The surface to be painted must be clean and solid. The temperature of the air, paint and substrate must be at least +5 °C. Ensure sufficient wetting of the surface before and after painting especially in warm and windy weather. Never paint with Holvi lime paint in the rain, if rain is expected or in direct sunlight. In interior painting, it is recommended to adjust the indoor temperature below +20 °C.

Surface preparation

Clean the surfaces of any dirt, dust and salt. It is recommended to remove any loose dirt dry with a soft brush, avoiding abrasion. If a surface has mold, moss etc., wash it with Tikkurila Homeenpoisto according to instructions, working from the bottom to the top. The surface to be treated has to be undamaged, clean and free of any organic paints. Cement-rich mortars are not a suitable substrate for lime paint. Remove any loose and poorly adhering lime paint with a wire brush (with soft stainless steel or brass bristles) or a pressure washer without damaging the substrate. For repairs of the plaster surface, use a mortar whose composition matches the surrounding areas in terms of roughness and level. Protect any surfaces not to be painted, such as windows, metal and natural stone surfaces, carefully for the duration of the work.


First coat:

At the site, always mix Holvi lime paint with clean water as follows: – 12.5 kg of Holvi lime paint and 8 l of water – 25 kg of Holvi lime paint and 16 l of water Never use Holvi lime paint without thinning! For avoiding color differences, maintain the same mixing ratio throughout the work. Stir the lime paint in the container often enough during the work. Otherwise, heavier materials will settle to the bottom of the container. Always wet the substrate carefully with clean water before applying Holvi lime paint. The substrate has to be evenly wet but still absorbing. Apply the Holvi lime paint using a brush designed for lime paint. Apply 2–3 coats. The next coat may be applied the following day, at the earliest. Wet the substrate carefully and evenly before and after each application. Also wet the surface after last coat. For achieving a uniform surface and avoiding color differences, reserve enough paint from the same production batch. If it is necessary to use different production batches, paint the area between the old and new batch with a 1:1 mix of the old and new paint. Arrange the work such that the transition between the paint batches is as inconspicuous as possible. Always paint a uniform area without interruptions, ending the painting at the corners, balcony lines or other such areas of the structure. For an even result, avoid touching up the paintwork afterwards. The best way to hide overlapping is by lightly dabbing the paint. The color of HOLVI lime paint depends on moisture and porosity of the substrate. Wetting the surface afterwards darkens the color. Mechanical stresses can cause lighter marks, in particular with dark colors. This is a typical feature of all matte facade paints which does not affect the technical functionality of the product. With lime painting, you get a living surface that shows the craftsmanship. This should be considered when evaluating a lime painted surface.

Maintenance Painting:

Before maintenance painting, wash the surfaces carefully with a pressure washer without using any detergent. Surfaces painted with Holvi lime paint can be maintenance painted with Holvi lime paint or Finngard lime paint.

Maintenance Instructions

Dirty surfaces painted with Holvi lime paint can be carefully washed with a pressure washer without any detergent no earlier than one month after painting. The washing will leave permanent marks on the surface, so the area to be washed should be designed inconspicuously following the lines of the structure. It is recommended to remove any loose dirt dry with a soft brush, avoiding abrasion. For removing algae and mold, use Tikkurila Homeenpoisto and rinse thoroughly according to instructions. NOTE! The surface must be treated again always after mold removal.


Cat (A/a) 30 g/l(2010) Holvi contains VOC max. 30 g/l.


The porous structure of the lime paint ensures a breathable surface on exterior and interior walls, rendered with lime or lime-rich lime-cement mortar. The beautifully matt surface always shows the hand of the painter. A lime-painted surface is natural and vibrant, and has a high water vapor permeability.

Universal interior and exterior

Holvi is a lime paint made from slaked lime, it is suitable for outdoor and indoor use. The lime paint can be used on plastered surfaces with a high lime content, both facades and interior walls, such as basement walls.

Easy to use

It is easy to apply the paint on lime and lime cement plaster surfaces. Lime paint is applied using a traditional lime brush by thinning the paint with water. A beautifully matt, breathable lime surface can be easily created with Holvi paint.


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