Novofloor 1-K Primer

Single-component polyurethane primer cured by air humidity

  • Towards a successful outcome
  • Easy to use
  • For Finnish conditions
  • 9010
  • 4 m²/l
  • 7 m²/l
  • 12 h
  • 3 h

Single-component polyurethane primer cured by air humidity

Product Features

For priming concrete floors and binding dust. Particularly well-suited for priming balcony floors. For professional use only.

Recommended Uses

New and old interior and exterior concrete floors.


Average coverage on concrete floors: 4–7 m²/kg.




The product reacts with moisture in the air and must be stored in a sealed container. Unopened, the storage time is approx. 1 year. It is recommended that an opened container is used at once.

Application Conditions

The relative humidity of the concrete should not exceed 97%. The temperature of the ambient air, surface and coating should not fall below + 10 °C during either priming or drying. The relative humidity of air should not exceed 90 %.

Surface preparation

New concrete surfaces: Remove the laitance layer from the concrete surface by, for example, surface sanding or hydrochloric acid pickling. Clean the surface of cement dust after sanding. Hydrochloric acid pickling is carried out with diluted hydrochloric acid (1 part concentrated hydrochloric acid, 4 parts water). Rinse the floor with plenty of water. The substrate has to be dry, firm and solid before surface treatment. Old cement floor: Clean the floor and remove any grease, oil, chemicals and other impurities with Tikkurila Maalipesu cleaning agent or by sanding or blast-cleaning. Open cracks, holes and hollows down to sound concrete with, e.g. an edge grinder. Remove loose material and dust. Patch pits, cracks and holes with a suitable, cement-based mortar or a mixture of undiluted Novopox P epoxy priming oil and clean, dry sand. Ratio of epoxy priming oil to sand: 1 part priming oil to 1–2 parts grade Ø 0.1–0.6 mm sand. Sand the patched areas level with the surrounding surface prior to coating.


First coat:

Prime using Novofloor 1-K Primer thinned 20 - 40% with Novofloor Thinner. Pour and spread the primer onto the floor so that the concrete pores are filled. The treatment is repeated when necessary to achieve a nonporous surface. Renew the treatment after two hours using the "wet-on-wet" technique. Use spike soled shoes when walking on the wet primer.

Cleaning of tools

Wash the tools with Novofloor thinner.

Maintenance Instructions

The lacquered surface will reach its final wear and chemical resistance in approx. two weeks from the surface treatment. Avoid cleaning the floor during this time. Clean the surface with a brush, mop or dust cloth. Dirty surfaces can be cleaned with a cleaning tool and a neutral (pH 6–8) washing solution.

Towards a successful outcome

Novofloor 1-K Primer is an excellent primer for new and old concrete floors. The primer is also suitable for dust binding.

Easy to use

Novofloor 1-K Primer is easy to use: it is a one-component, full-gloss and colorless primer that is applied with a roller or brush on the floor.

For Finnish conditions

Novofloor 1-K Primer is suitable for both interior and exterior applications. The primer has been granted the Finnish Key Flag label of origin.


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