Prestonit 5 + 5

Ready-to-use spray plaster. Fulfills the requirements of wear resistance category 04.

  • Sprayable filler
  • High filling capacity
  • Easy to apply and sand
  • 8010
  • 1 l/m²
  • 2 h

Ready-to-use spray plaster. Fulfills the requirements of wear resistance category 04.

Product Features

For priming and leveling interior ceiling and wall surfaces in dry conditions. Suitable for concrete, light-weight concrete, rendered, plaster, gypsum board and woodfiber board surfaces. Also suitable for previously painted surfaces. You can paint or apply wallpaper over the leveled surface.

Recommended Uses

For partial and complete leveling of wall and ceiling surfaces.


On average 1 l/m² with a plaster thickness of 1 mm. The required amount of depends on the surface.



Application Conditions

The surface to be treated must be dry and the temperature at least +10 °C.

Surface preparation

Clean the surfaces by removing any grease and dirt. Remove any dust and loose material by brushing.


First coat:

Apply Prestonit 5+5 with a paste-spraying gun and smooth with a steel trowel. The plaster can also be applied manually. Sand the surface when the plaster has dried. One or two applications will suffice under normal conditions. The leveled surface can be painted, tiled or covered with plastic wallpaper.

Sprayable filler

The ready-to-use white sprayable filler makes application work easier. The filler is ready to use straight from the bag.

Product usp1prof_img
Efficiency and ease of application

High filling capacity

Prestonit 5 + 5 filler has a good filling capacity and therefore very suitable for leveling ceiling and wall surfaces in dry rooms. A clean, smooth surface will be produced that is ready for painting.

Product usp2prof_img
The dust-free way to fill

Easy to apply and sand

It is very easy to apply to walls and ceilings with a filler spray gun and level the surface with a steel trowel. Once the filler has dried, sanding is quick and easy.

Product usp3prof_img
Low-emission spray plaster

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