Solid WB-L Primer

Water-borne fine concrete floor primer / dust binder that penetrates well into the pores of the substrate.

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Water-borne fine concrete floor primer / dust binder that penetrates well into the pores of the substrate.

Product Features

Suitable for priming new untreated concrete floors before painting with Solid WB-L Floor Paint. Suitable for dry floors exposed to light mechanical and chemical stress. Can also be used for dust-binding on indoor mineral surfaces. Improves the adherence of paint and makes the substrate stronger.

Recommended Uses

Concrete floors and stairs, in dry residential, commercial and storage premises. Concrete, plaster, filler and tile surfaces and most common mineral plates on wall and ceiling surfaces in dry interior spaces.


5-10 m²/l.




Protect from freezing

Application Conditions

The concrete surface must be dry and at least 4 weeks old. The relative humidity of the concrete should not exceed 97%. The temperature of the ambient air, surface and primer should not fall below + 10°C during either priming or drying. The relative humidity of air should not exceed 80%. Do not apply the product on a wet or non-absorbent surface.

Surface preparation

The surface must be sufficiently dried and hardened before the treatment. Unpainted surfaces are cleaned by removing any dirt, dust or salt. If the formation of salt is very strong and continuous, the surfaces must not be treated before the cause for the salt formation has been removed. Concrete surfaces that have been cast against a mold must be treated using a mechanical method, such as sand-blasting, in order to achieve a sufficient surface profile. Remove any glassy and glossy cement stone from the surface using sand-blasting, a sanding stone for sanding concrete or pressure cleaning with added sand.


First coat:

Mix the primer well before use. Solid WB-L Primer is applied undiluted. The amount of primer is correct when it is absorbed into porous concrete and there is no varnish-like film on the surface. Primed surface can be painted with Solid WB-L floor paint in around two hours in regular conditions (23°C, RH 50%).

Cleaning of tools

Clean tools with water or Tikkurila Pensselipesu (Tool Cleaner).


(cat A/h) max. 30 g/l (2010). Solid WB-L Primer contains VOC max. 30 g/l.


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