Taika Stardust

Translucent, full-matte, acrylic-based effect glaze.

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Taika Stardust

Translucent, full-matte, acrylic-based effect glaze.

  • 7010
  • 6 m²/l
  • 10 m²/l
  • 24 h


  • Full matt


Translucent, full-matte, acrylic-based effect glaze.

Product Features

To be used for patterning the walls painted with interior paints. Because Taika Stardust is translucent, the color of the primer (e.g. Harmony) will have a critical effect on the final look. Good spotlights, sidelight or natural light emphasize the effect.

Recommended Uses

Walls in residential, office and commercial spaces and similar dry spaces.

Light brings out the sparkle

The sparkle of Taika Stardust is most visible in sidelight, under a spotlight, or in strong natural light.

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taika stardust

Large surfaces and details

Taika Stardust can be used to treat an entire wall or just to highlight details. It is also ideal for stenciling. We recommend using a small roller or brush with stencils, as the glitter particles will stick to foam plastic tools.

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taika stardust gold

A silver sheen or the richness of gold?

Taika Stardust is a transparent effect glaze that is not tinted. The base paint is silver or gold. The color of the underlying coat is entire visible through the glaze treatment.

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taika stardust silver
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