Temaclad SC 50

A two-component, semi-gloss acrylic polyurethane with anticorrosive pigmentation. Hardener aliphatic isocyanate.

  • Outstanding color and gloss retention
  • Fast-drying single-coat finish
  • Large color range
  • 6 m²/l
  • 11 m²/l


  • Semi-gloss


A two-component, semi-gloss acrylic polyurethane with anticorrosive pigmentation. Hardener aliphatic isocyanate.

Product Features

• Suitable for urban, marine and industrial environments. • Also suitable to be used as a topcoat in epoxy/epoxypolyurethane systems. • Outstanding colour and sheen retention. • Forms tough and abrasion resistant finish. • Dirt repellent and easy to clean surface. • Not recommended for use in immersion conditions.

Recommended Uses

• Recommended to be used as a single-coat finish for steel, aluminium and galvanized surfaces.


*For maintenance painting of solid old paint or coating layer. **For new painting or for bare metal surfaces. Minimum DFT is 60µm. Practical coverage depends on the application method, painting conditions and the shape and roughness of the surface to be coated. When using airless spraying in metal-sheeted roofs practical coverage in new painting is usually 5–6 m²/l.



Application Conditions

All surfaces must be clean, dry and free from contamination. During application and drying the temperature of the surface should not fall below 0°C. The surface temperature of steel should remain at least 3°C above the dew point. For proper application the temperature of the product itself should be above +15°C during mixing and application. If the temperature of the substrate is over +50°C, painting is not recommended. Good ventilation is required in confined areas to ensure proper drying. Condensation occurring during or immediately after application may result in matt finish and an inferior film.

Surface preparation

Oil, grease, salts and dirt are removed by appropriate means. (ISO 12944-4) Steel surfaces: Blast clean to grade Sa2½. (SFSISO 8501-1) If blast cleaning is not possible, phosphating is recommended for cold rolled steel to improve adhesion. Zinc surfaces: Sweep blast clean with mineral abrasives, e.g. quartz sand, to an even roughness. (SaS, SFS 5873) If sweep blasting is not possible, the surface should be roughened by hand abrading. Zinc-coated thin plate surfaces (like metal-sheeted roofs) are washed with PANSSARIPESU detergent. Aluminium surfaces: Sweep blast clean with non-metallic abrasives to an even roughness. (SaS, SFS 5873) If sweep blasting is not possible, the surface should be roughened by hand abrading or washed with MAALIPESU detergent. Primed surfaces: Oil, grease, salt and dirt are removed from the surface by appropriate means. Remove peeling and poorly adhered paint. Repair any damage to the primer coat. Note the overcoating time of primer. (SFS-EN ISO 12944-4) Old alkyd or acrylic and industrially coated (not PVDF) surfaces: Remove rust and white rust by power tool cleaning to St2. Hard, glossy paint surfaces should be roughened by abrading. Oil, grease, salt ,dirt and dust are removed by washing with PANSSARIPESU detergent.


First coat:

By airless or conventional spray (large surfaces) or by brush (small surfaces). Depending on the application method and the temperature of the components (base, hardener, thinner) the paint can be thinned 0–10 %. Airless spray nozzle tip 0.011"–0.015", pressure 120–160 bar, spray angle shall be chosen according to the shape of the object. At brush application the paint should be thinned according to the circumstances.

Cleaning of tools

Thinner 006 1048 or 006 1067.


The Volatile Organic Compounds amount is 420 g/litre of paint mixture. VOC content of the paint mixture (thinned 10% by volume) is 460g/l.

Outstanding color and gloss retention

Temaclad SC 50 is a polyurethane resin based and that gives the product exceptional weather resistance and mechanical durability. The paint has good gloss and color durability, and as a result, surfaces coated with Temaclad SC 50 remain freshly-painted looking for years.

Product usp1prof_img
High-rise Building Roof

Fast-drying single-coat finish

Temaclad SC 50 is a fast-drying single-coat paint that forms a tight film with good abrasion resistance. The paint is suitable for many different applications for aluminium, zinc and steel surfaces without primer for both new and maintenance painting.

Product usp2prof_img
High-rise Building Roof

Large color range

Temaclad SC 50 is a tintable finish with wide range of colors. The paint is exceptionally well suited for the coating of hotdip galvanised thin sheet, such as sheet roofing and cladding, without a separate primer. It also suits for the maintenance painting of coilcoated metal sheeting.

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High-rise Building Roof

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