Benefits of roof coating restoration

What are the benefits of roof coating restoration?

Learn all about the benefits of roof coating restoration compared to complete roof replacement.

Roofs are affected by different environmental conditions including UV radiation, rain and snow; they also need protection against biological attack from mould, moss and algae. Roof-coating paints can help protect against these aggressors.  

For metal roofs, rust is the biggest enemy, whereas bitumen roofs are usually covered with sand or mineral particles which erode over time. A protective coating helps to protect against rust and binds particles to prevent them from falling off the roof. 

Replacing a roof can be expensive depending on the type of material it is made from. Roof coating provides all the benefits of replacement but for a far smaller cost. 

Benefits of roof coating restoration

Bring new life to existing roofs

Coating the roof increases the value of the house. For example, Tikkurila Master solution can expand the roof’s life span by up to 20 years, depending on the roof type and condition. Regular roof maintenance also has a critical impact on its expected lifespan. 

Almost all types of roofs can be coated. Roof coating improves general durability, watertightness, and provides effective protection for the building. 

Trends and neighbourhood architectural styles change over time and sometimes the look of a roof needs to be updated too. With roof coating, the roof gets a fresh new look at a reasonable cost.

Improve energy efficiency with high-performance products

The energy efficiency of a whole house can be improved with high-performance coatings that contain special pigments that reflect UV radiation and lower the temperature of the roof. The Tikkurila Climate Cooler coating product family increases the energy efficiency of buildings by reflecting sunlight and cooling the roof. As a result, less money is spent on cooling the house.

The colour of a roof also affects the energy consumption of a house, with light colours reflecting the sun better than dark ones. If a dark roof is painted with white Tikkurila Climate Cooler Flex, the temperature of the roof can decrease from 60 degrees to 25–30 degrees in summer. 

Benefits of roof coating restoration

An environmentally friendly solution

By coating rather than replacing a roof, tons of waste is saved and energy isn’t used for production and transportation of new roof materials. Improving the performance and durability of an existing roof with minimal environmental impact makes roof coating a more sustainable choice than a full replacement.

In addition, Tikkurila’s roof coating products are 99% water-borne and developed with very low volatile organic compound (VOC) levels, making them safer for the environment. 


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