From one professional to another

From product quality to a superior finish, we share your dedication to achieving perfection. Tikkurila can help you exceed expectations, sustainably and without compromises.

From one professional to another

Bring out your best and deliver beyond expectations with Tikkurila colour and paint. With the right products or solutions, you can ensure a high-quality finish.

For painters. We have everything for premium performance.

For professional painters, the choice of interior paint is about more than aesthetics. It encompasses considerations of durability, ease of application and client satisfaction. 

Choosing paint as a professional painter involves thoughtful consideration of the surface you are painting, the space you are decorating and the characteristics of the paint. 

Understanding these factors and keeping up with industry trends will ensure the success and longevity of your painting projects, leading to satisfied clients and a strong professional reputation.

Bring out your best with our premium paints and services. We guide and support you every step of the way, from prepping and first strokes to your perfect finish:

  • Professional products and services
  • Uncompromising quality
  • Reliable tinting
  • Innovation with a focus on sustainability              

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For architects. We help you realise your design vision.

As an architect you have a pivotal role to play in shaping the visual and functional aspects of interior spaces. 

Choosing the right paint is a crucial step in realising your design vision. The functionality of the space is an important consideration when selecting your paint. High-traffic areas may require more durable and easily washable paints, while spaces such as kitchens and bathrooms may benefit from moisture-resistant options.

By collaborating with our experts you will learn about innovative paint options that align with both your design principles and your sustainability goals. We help you to make informed decisions that take into account aesthetics, functionality and durability. 

Feed your creativity with Tikkurila Pro Designer, an arena for creative minds in architecture and interior design. Join to discover the latest trends around colour and wellbeing in home design, public spaces, green buildings and more.  

Explore colour trends

Paint colours and finishes should align seamlessly with your architectural vision. Join us in exploring the latest colour trends – whether you’re an architect or a designer planning your next project, we are here to help you. We share our expertise so you can bring out your best and deliver beyond expectations. 

Tikkurila Symphony is a colour chart comprising 2,436 colours suitable for interior paints – making it one of the most extensive modern colour systems available. Colour consistency is carefully maintained to provide a reliable end result. With Tikkurila Symphony, you can be sure that the colour on the surface being painted accurately corresponds to the design colour. Feel the Color is a collection of 216 colours that will help you provide the right atmosphere, whatever the design vision. 

Discover more colour cards.


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Sustainable and eco-friendly paint solutions

An increasing number of construction projects will benefit from using products that meet green building criteria. Sustainable construction is often measured using different voluntary certifications such as BREEAM, LEED or WELL. 

For these green building schemes it is important to have paints that do not compromise indoor air quality. Read more about The role of paints in Green Building.


Green building standards require paints to have low VOC content, both when initially applied and over time. This ensures that the paint does not emit harmful gases that can compromise air quality and the health of building occupants. The standards also encourage the use of materials with low embodied carbon, reducing the greenhouse gas emissions associated with construction. 

Interior products

Tikkurila’s interior line has been developed to meet professional needs. Choose products according to premises type, surface type, or paint features: from full matt to high gloss, for walls and ceilings, for surfaces exposed to heavy wear and tear, or paint suitable for green building projects. 

Floor solutions

Tikkurila’s floor solutions offer excellent durability for residential, commercial and industrial buildings as well as public spaces and car parks. The range of high-performance coatings includes paints, lacquers, coatings and screeds for concrete floors in interior and exterior spaces, all of which are safe, durable and aesthetic. 

Exterior paint and solutions

All elements considered. Tikkurila’s exterior paints have been developed to look good while enduring changing weather conditions. Whether you are working with private homes or public buildings, or with wooden or mineral façades, we have the solutions to bring out the best in your paint projects and help you succeed. 



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