Unica Akva Maali

Acrylic paint.

Key FlagKey Fl
  • For new and old surfaces
  • Safe and easy to use
  • Also for garden furniture
  • 805
  • 7 m²/l
  • 9 m²/l
  • 24 h
  • 0.5 h

Acrylic paint.

Product Features

For interior and exterior painting of new and previously painted or lacquered wood surfaces and primed metal surfaces. Ideal for maintenance painting of industrially painted and lacquered surfaced and surfaces treated with translucent finish. Not recommended for powder-coated aluminium surfaces.

Recommended Uses

Window frames, doors, frames and garden furniture. Also suitable for wooden panel surfaces of glazed balconies.

For new and old surfaces

Unica Akva withstands harsh conditions without cracking or yellowing. In addition to first paint applications, it is an excellent maintenance paint for industrially painted or lacquered wooden doors and windows.

Product usp1consumer_img
unica akva for window frames

Safe and easy to use

Unica Akva belongs to the best M1 building material emission class; no solvent emissions will harm the user or the environment.

Product usp2consumer_img
Painting window frames

Also for garden furniture

Unica Akva is suitable for doors and windows as well as previously painted, lacquered, and bare wood garden furniture. Metal furniture is primed with anti-rust Rostex Super Akva before coating with Unica Akva.

Product usp3consumer_img
garden furniture

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