Design solutions inspired by nature

Design solutions inspired by nature

Natural tones, raw materials, and greenery indoors. Biophilic design brings the outdoors inside by using earthy colours and natural materials. It calms the atmosphere and brings well-being to the space. With the Color Now 2023 collection, you can bring elements of nature indoors.

The biophilic design brings nature indoors to create a calm and peaceful environment. It includes a combination of different elements of nature, such as natural light entering the room, using natural raw materials, bringing plants indoor, and adding textures and patterns which resemble nature. Just opening the window and letting fresh air enter the room brings an element of nature.

A space full of nature can be designed with the Color Now 2023 collection. Get to know the new colour palette here.

Design solutions inspired by nature

Light – the first thing to consider

Maximising the amount of natural light enhances the feeling of nature indoors. Big windows allow the natural light to enter a maximum of light to the room, but still, if the windows are small, you can try to bring the light by choosing light colours on the walls so that they will reflect the coming light better. In the image, the light is reflected through the fine pink Y406 Riviera on the wall.

Natural materials

The natural materials play well with natural light. Various natural materials allow you to experiment with them: try wood, cork, wool, clay, and stone. These materials are also timeless and versatile. When you use wood, like in the image, prefer the natural wood colours to give raw vibes. Light wood creates a powerful pair with the Color of the Year, V413 Rosy Moment, and the earthy yellow, J392 Wax.

Experiment with organic textiles, adding a comfortable and cosy environment to the space. Remember classics, such as wool, cotton and linen. 

Design solutions inspired by nature
Design solutions inspired by nature
Design solutions inspired by nature

The natural colour scheme

Nature has a variety of colours, from neutral and soft earthy tones to bright and vibrant colours that appear in flowers and fruits. The biophilic interior design is intended to have a wide range of neutrals and greens: grey X447 Sea Smoke from stones, peachy pink Y406 Riviera from sand and green M449 Grotto from moss and leaves.

The moss green M449 Grotto used in the image creates a totally different atmosphere to the room. Light pink H320 Magnolia on the ceiling makes a sweet pair with the intense green. 

Bringing the colours of nature to the room has a significant impact on the atmosphere. Try, for example, camel and tan neutral colours, like J392 Wax, trending in biophilic interior design. Favour green in all its tones and forms. You can, for instance, add plants, paint a wall or two with muted green, like M449 Grotto or S440 Silk Road, or decorate with green cushions. No matter how you use green, it will have a calming effect on the room.

Organic shapes

Often natural forms are those which please the eye. Round, curve, and organic shapes used in tables, furniture or, for example, patterns on the wall are a great way to add a biophilic atmosphere inside. Add unique and beautiful handmade pieces for the decor of the room. 

Decorating with plants is an excellent way to purify the air indoors. Also, the greenery has organic shapes that bring softness to the otherwise sharp indoor lines of walls and ceilings created by humans. 

Design solutions inspired by nature

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