Office makeover is made with colours

Office makeover is made with colours

When choosing new colours for an office space, you should consider the company brand, the look you want to achieve and the atmosphere the colours will create. See how Vapa Media updated their office with Tikkurila’s colours.

The office of marketing communications agency Vapa Media located in downtown Helsinki was in need of an update, and the makeover was decided to be done by painting. The transformation was realised with Tikkurila’s colours Y458 Merino, V451 Olive Grove and L447 Sepal

Creative Director at Vapa Media, Riina Walli, emphasises that painting the walls doesn’t require a massive work effort but has a huge impact on the space and the people working there. It’s the best way to take over a space and create dimensions.

Colours are always connected to their surroundings – the character of the space and how people move around have an influence on the colours we choose
Riina Walli, Creative Director at Vapa Media
Office makeover is made with colours

Eye-catching colours make a difference 

The earthy tones at the renewed Vapa Media office support the industrial feeling of the entrance and create two paths through the office. Walli states how the colours generate an impression of depth, ushering one through the storyline of the office. 

“The two greens, V451 Olive Grove and L447 Sepal, combined with the earthy Y458 Merino smoothly guide people’s gaze and emotions forward, creating a continuum to the office starting with the entrance.” 

The contrast between the colours and the prevailing interior design makes the office interesting and unique. Walli points out that without different colours to highlight the details of the space, nothing would catch one’s eye. 

“Even the necessary technology we have at the office looks beautiful and feels balanced with our interior design with the right colour behind them.” 

A combination of business and beauty 

Businesswise, Walli finds green to be associated with optimism and motivation, which fits Vapa Media’s brand and represents the company accurately. But most of all, Walli thinks trendy green tones create a space for employees’ creativity to thrive. In an office, the chosen colours should complement the architecture and be functional with regards to the work carried out in the space. 

“Green associates us with nature, and nature is one of the fundamental elements of creativity. Also, the calming effect of earthy colours allows us to recharge in the sometimes hectic working environment,” Walli says. 

Walli wants the office space to motivate the employees and support their work efforts. Even if we don’t particularly pay attention to it, it’s crucial to have beauty around us.

Office makeover is made with colours
People want to create and see beauty. I want our employees to get the feeling of aesthetics and inspiration when they come to the office.
Riina Walli, Creative Director at Vapa Media

Remember these when choosing the paint for office  

The right tone 
When choosing a paint, check which shades it can be tinted to. Regardless of the lighting conditions, Tikkurila guarantees that a shade chosen from the Symphony Color System tinted to Tikkurila’s paint will look identical on the colour sample and on the wall.  

The surface 
Find out what kind of surface you are about to paint, and decide beforehand which level of smoothness you’re hoping to achieve. Research beforehand, if the surface will need a filler and a primer before the topcoat. 

The sheen level  
The gloss level determines how much the paint reflects light. Low sheen levels make the space more calm. 

Indoor air quality 
For office spaces, it’s recommended to use M1 approved products to ensure good indoor air quality. 

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