Aitamaali Valkea

Dirt-repellent acrylate paint. Easy to wash clean if required.

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  • Stays clean longer
  • For board surfaces outdoors.
  • Off-white fits into the landscape
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  • 4 m²/l
  • 9 m²/l
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Dirt-repellent acrylate paint. Easy to wash clean if required.

Product Features

For outdoor painting of untreated, factory-primed surfaces or surfaces treated with exterior wood surface paints of glazed wood stains.

Recommended Uses

Wooden fences and railings.


Sawn wood surfaces 4–6 m²/l. Planed and previously painted wood surfaces 7–9 m²/l.



Application Conditions

The surface to be painted must be dry, the temperature of the air at least +5°C and the relative humidity below 80% during painting and drying.

Surface preparation

Unpainted surfaces: Wash moldy surfaces with Tikkurila Homeenpoisto solution according to instructions. Prime the surface at the earliest possible stage of construction with Tikkurila priming oil. Protect any metal parts prone to rust, such as nail heads, with Rostex Super Akva metal primer. Remove loose resin from knots. Prime the surfaces with a single coat of Teho Primer (old and worn surfaces in particular) or Aitamaali Valkea. Industrially primed and previously painted surfaces or surfaces treated with wood stain: Wash moldy surfaces with Tikkurila Homeenpoisto solution according to instructions. Remove loose scales from the previously treated wood surface with a scraper and brush the surface clean with a wire brush. Treat the bare wood surfaces with Tikkurila priming oil and prime with a single coat of Teho Primer (old and worn surfaces) or Aitamaali Valkea. Factory-primed surfaces that have been exposed to weathering over 10 months should be primed with Teho Primer.


First coat:

Finish the surfaces with 1–2 coats of Aitamaali Valkea, depending on the color difference between the substrate and the paint and the condition of the surface being painted. Stir the paint well and thin with water if necessary. Apply Aitamaali Valkea with a brush or an airless spray gun and brush. Treat the ends of boards with particular care. Wood has knots that can bleed resin and other extractives through the painted surface due to variations in temperature and humidity. This natural property of wood will stain the paint on top of the knots.

Maintenance Painting:

Maintenance painting over Aitamaali Valkea can be performed with Aitamaali Valkealla (in the first instance), Pika-Teho or Ultra series house paints. Please note that you should install the top board in a slightly slanted position to prevent water and snow from accumulating and rotting the wood.

Maintenance Instructions

If a surface needs cleaning soon after treatment, use a soft brush. In normal conditions, the painted surface will reach its final hardness and durability in approximately 4 weeks. After one month from painting, a dirty surface can be cleaned with Talon Huoltopesu (mix 1 part of Talon Huoltopesu with 10 parts of water). Clean stains and very dirty surfaces with a stronger Talon Huoltopesu solution (1:1). After washing rinse with water and let dry.


(cat A/d) 130g/l(2010) Aitamaali Valkea contains VOC max. 130 g/l.

Stays clean longer

Aitamaali Valkea (Fence Paint) is ideal for surfaces that are difficult to wash in impure weather conditions. Contains effective mold protection.

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ultra classic talo

For board surfaces outdoors.

The versatile Aitamaali Valkea (Fence Paint) adheres well to all types of fences and other similar board surfaces: untreated, industrially primed, or previously treated with wood topcoats or translucent wood preservatives.

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Painting a fence

Off-white fits into the landscape

The warm, slightly off-white color is ideal for outdoor use, as it does not form too great a contrast with the landscape.

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White landscaping

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