Intact 40

Fast-drying water borne enamel paint for interior use. Leaves a smooth and hard surface.

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  • Extremely durable enamel paint
  • Smooth and hard surface
  • Certified safety
  • 808
  • 8 m²/l
  • 10 m²/l
  • 4 h
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  • Semi-gloss


Fast-drying water borne enamel paint for interior use. Leaves a smooth and hard surface.

Product Features

Wood and metal surfaces indoors. Suitable for touch-up and first application painting.

Recommended Uses

Trim, doors, window frames, furniture, banisters, columns etc. in dry and humid premises.


8-10 m2/l.



Application Method

spraying, brush, mohair roller, felt roller

Application Conditions

The surface to be painted must be dry, the ambient temperature at least +10ºC and the relative humidity of air below 60%.

Surface preparation

Unpainted surfaces: Carefully remove any dirt and dust from new surfaces for ensuring the best possible adhesion. Prime new wood and wood fiberboard surfaces, metal surfaces and surfaces requiring special adhesion with Intact Primer. For absorbent porous surfaces, priming using a primer thinned 5–10% followed by intermediate sanding is recommended. Then, paint the surface with an unthinned primer. Prime knotty and yellowed wood with Multistop Primer. Previously painted surfaces: Wash previously painted surfaces with Maalipesu detergent and rinse carefully with water. Remove loose paint with a scraper. Sand the hard, glossy and factory-painted surfaces non-glossy. Remove the sanding dust. Fill holes and cracks with Presto Pikasilote filler and sand the filled spots. Prime the filled spots and if necessary, the whole surface with Intact Primer.


First coat:

Before use, stir the paint thoroughly down to the bottom and thin with water, if necessary. Apply 1–2 coats by brush, roller or spray. On large surfaces, it is recommended to first apply the paint with a roller or spray and then level the coat with a brush. We recommend the use of synthetic brushes with multi-branched bristles.

Maintenance Painting:

Maintenance painting: If a surface has been previously painted with similar finishing paint, it can be maintenance painted directly without a primer. See Pretreatment.

Maintenance Instructions

If needed, after approx. 1 month from painting, at the earliest: The surfaces are cleaned with a soft brush, sponge or cleaning cloth and neutral (pH 6-8) dish washing solution. Clean very dirty surfaces with weakly alkaline (pH 8-10) washing detergent and e.g. cleaning cloth or sponge. Rinse the surface carefully. The product achieves its final hardness and durability after one month under normal conditions, therefore the surfaces must be handled with care during a couple of weeks. If the surfaces need to be cleaned soon after finishing, clean them lightly with a soft brush or damp cleaning cloth.


(cat A/d) 130g/l(2010) Intact 40 contains VOC max. 130 g/l.

Extremely durable enamel paint

Intact 40 is a semi-gloss, extremely durable, high-quality enamel paint for painting indoor trim, doors, window frames, banisters, and columns. Intact 40 can also be used in indoor humid areas.

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Extremely durable enamel paint

Smooth and hard surface

Intact 40 creates a smooth and hard semi-gloss surface which has good resistance towards scratches, chemicals and grease. Because of its good levelling and quick drying, it is ideal for a professional finish.

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Smooth and hard surface

Certified safety

Intact 40 is a water-borne, mild odored and safe product. It has M1 Emission Classification of Building Materials and MED approval (Marine Equipment Directive 96/98/EC).

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Certified safety

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