Luja 40

Special acrylic paint. The product contains an anti-mold agent that protects the paintwork.

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Luja 40

Special acrylic paint. The product contains an anti-mold agent that protects the paintwork.

  • 805
  • 8 m²/l
  • 12 m²/l
  • 4 h
  • 2 h


  • Semi-gloss


Special acrylic paint. The product contains an anti-mold agent that protects the paintwork.

Product Features

For interior painting of concrete, plaster, filler-treated, brick, chipboard, plasterboard and wood fiberboard surfaces. Suitable for both new and previously painted surfaces.

Recommended Uses

Interior walls and ceilings in spaces in which high wash and wear resistance is required, such as kitchens, halls or stairwells. Paint contains anti-mould agent which makes it suitable for rooms with high humidity. Suitable for public premises, e.g. lobbies, hospital corridors, patient rooms and other surfaces which are subjected to higher than normal stress. The product has an approval for indirect contact in food industry (Finnish Food Act 23/2006)


Theoretical coverage: 8 m²/l. Practical coverage depends on the application method, conditions, shape and roughness of the surface to be treated.



Application Method

airless spraying, brush, roller

Application Conditions

The surface to be painted must be dry, the ambient temperature at least +5 °C and the relative humidity of air below 80%.

Surface preparation

Unpainted surfaces: Clean the new surfaces by removing any dirt and dust. If necessary, level the surfaces with a suitable Presto filler and sand the dried surface. Remove the sanding dust. Prime with Luja Universal Primer, Ykköspohja primer or Varma Primer. Previously painted surfaces: Wash the previously painted surfaces with Maalipesu or Seinäpesu detergent according to instructions and let dry. Remove any loose, flaking paint with a scraper. Sand the painted surfaces non-glossy. Remove the sanding dust. Fill any holes and cracks and level the surfaces with a suitable Presto filler. Sand the filler and remove the sanding dust. If necessary, prime with Luja Yleispohjamaali, Ykköspohja or Varma primer before finishing.


First coat:

Stir Luja finishing paint well before use. Apply 1-2 coats by roller, brush or spray.

Maintenance Painting:

Surfaces painted with Luja finishing paint can be maintenance painted with a same or similar water-borne paint. See Pretreatment.

Maintenance Instructions

If needed, after approx. 1 month from treating the surface, at the earliest. Clean the surfaces with a neutral (pH 6–8) cleaning solution and e.g. a soft brush, sponge or cleaning cloth. Clean very dirty surfaces with a mild alkaline (pH 8–10) cleaning solution and e.g. a cleaning cloth or sponge. After cleaning, rinse the surfaces thoroughly. Follow the dilution instructions given by the detergent manufacturer when mixing the cleaning solution. After the surface treatment, the surfaces must be handled with care for a few weeks, as the product will reach its final hardness and durability in about one month under normal conditions. If the surfaces need cleaning soon after the surface treatment, clean them lightly by using a soft brush or a damp cloth.


(cat A/b) 100g/l(2010). Luja 40 contains VOC max. 100 g/l.

Gloss and wash-resistance

Semi-gloss Luja stays clean longer and can withstand heavy washing. Due to its resistance to chemicals, the surface can be cleaned with the detergents and disinfectants used in hospitals, for example.

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Gloss and wash-resistance

For humid spaces

The products in the Luja range include anti-mold agents, which makes them suitable for humid spaces at home as well as in larger public premises.

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For humid spaces

Wide range of colors

Luja is tinted according to Tikkurila’s Symphony color cards. Choose from an almost infinite number of colors!

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Wide range of colors
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