Supi Saunavaha

Protective agent for interior wooden surfaces, contains natural wax.

Key FlagKey Fl
  • Tintable protective wax
  • Maintain the natural color
  • A safe M1 category product
  • 10 m²/l
  • 13 m²/l
  • 24 h
  • 0.5 h

Protective agent for interior wooden surfaces, contains natural wax.

Product Features

A surface treatment for wooden surfaces in saunas. The wax is absorbed into the wood, forming a natural barrier to dirt and water.

Recommended Uses

For sauna benches, paneled walls and ceilings, doors and window frames.

Tintable protective wax

Supi Saunavaha (Sauna Wax) is a waterborne protective finish containing natural wax. Like a thin stain, it permeates the wood and gives it a naturally beautiful, silky matt protection. The ready-mixed colors are black, white, and gray. The product can be tinted to other colors.

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Maintain the natural color

Treatment with colorless Supi Saunavaha maintains the natural color of the wood, as it does not deepen the color of wood like oil treatments.

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A safe M1 category product

Supi sauna products are in the best M1 building material emission class. No harmful substances evaporate from them into the indoor air.

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