Golden interior walls of Jungmann

Elevating interiors with interesting surfaces

Textured surfaces have become an indispensable tool for creating captivating and inspiring spaces. By elevating interiors with effect paints, designers can effortlessly establish focal points and create visual interest in spaces.

Textured surfaces and walls with special effects play a vital role in creating captivating interiors. By incorporating a textured wall or paint effects, you can establish a focal point within a room. When applied to all wall surfaces, textures and effects imbue the entire space with a heightened sense of richness and character.

The growing desire for individuality and unique styles had led to a surge in the popularity of textured walls as well as effect paints in interior design. The end of such endeavours largely hinges on the personal touch of the individual undertaking the task. Similar to handwriting, the texture or effect adorning the walls is always exclusive and one of a kind. 

Choosing carefully the right paint

Tikkurila’s structural effect paints are fine-grained Tunto Hieno, the coarse Tunto Karhea, and the stone coating Tunto Kivi. Both Tunto Hieno and Tunto Karhea can be tinted to thousands of shades, offering endless possibilities for personalised tinting. Meanwhile, Tunto Kivi has its own ready-made colour collection of 27 elegant shades.

Tunto Hieno stands out as the finest-grained product, while Tunto Karhea and Tunto Kivi offer a more coarse texture. The key difference between Tunto Karhea and Tunto Kivi lies in the colour application. With Tunto Karhea, the wall colour appears more even whereas Tunto Kivi incorporates stone fragments imbued with varying hues, adding a touch of colour to the texture. 

Wall painted with Tunto hieno

Transforming surfaces into textured walls

The most popular texture among designers right now is a relatively moderate and even appearance made with two different but nearby shades. This style can be executed with Tunto Hieno, by applying the different paints on top of each other while still wet. Then, the actual texture is created by making light strokes on the wet surface using a plastic spatula.

Texture applied to walls creates small shadows and adds character. These wall treatments exude a natural, earthy warmth. This technique also celebrates the handcrafted and layered trend of today. 

As the end result is dependent on the painter, some interior designers and architects are a bit timid adding texture to walls. The painter will inevitably have an effect on the outcome. After all, this challenge is easy to solve: having the painter make a test plate will allow the designer to give comments and affect the end result before the actual painting.

Creating a textured wall isn’t difficult and there isn’t a single right way to do it, as however the outcome is, the wall itself becomes art. Especially, when working with tones that are adjacent and the painter has some eye for smoothness, you’ll most likely succeed.

Textured walls for a variety of spaces

Be it a Mediterranean vibe, rustic or something on the industrial side, with textured walls you will be able to bring the right ambiance. Textured walls can be used in various spaces and different interior styles, on an accent wall or on all the walls of the room. Whether applied to an accent wall or adorning every surface within the room, the possibilities are endless. With the ability to adjust the coarseness of the surface and fine-tune the technique of applying the structural cover, you hold the power to effortlessly achieve any style you envision.

Tunto Hieno and Tunto Karhea are designed to be used in dry areas. Textured surface cannot be cleaned with a wet towel, so the kitchen isn’t ideal for the product either. Instead, textured walls are used for example in many restaurant spaces, lobbies and other public areas in need of an eye-catching element.

Elevate spaces with effect paints

The use of effect paints give more possibilities to enchant clients and captivating visitors with their extraordinary visual appeal. Effect paints offer endless possibilities, allowing to infuse depth, character, and a touch of artistic flair into the space. Whether it’s incorporating metallic finishes that exude opulence or using pearlescent effects to add a subtle shimmer.

The reception of the Koti Hotel Helsinki stands out with its golden walls. It is painted with Taika Paint and the special effect is made with a metallic and pearlescent effect and, using a sponge, dabbed on with Harmony Kuviointimaali effect paint S401.

Jungmann golden interior wall

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