Luja – interior paints with anti-mould agent

Introducing an advanced range of wall and ceiling paints, specially formulated to meet the demands of high-traffic areas or wet premises where wash and wear resistance are essential.

Tikkurila Luja paints have been developed to meet the needs of professionals. The interior paint range includes extra-durable matt, semi-matt and semi-gloss paints which contain an anti-mould agent that protects the paint film. Luja paints have low levels of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and are certified by Nordic Swan Ecolabel, EU Ecolabel and verified by EPD.

Why choose Luja paint?

Luja wall and ceiling paint is recommended for spaces where a high wash and wear resistance is required. For demanding residential, commercial, healthcare or other public spaces, Luja paints offer excellent durability and mechanical and chemical stress resistance. The Luja range is a great choice for humid spaces as it contains anti-mould agents.

Designed to withstand daily challenges

Luja paint transforms surfaces with a superior coating that not only enhances the aesthetic appeal but also ensures durability and longevity. Its innovative formula is designed to withstand the daily challenges of busy spaces, offering a protective barrier against stains and wear.
With the perfect blend of style and functionality, Luja paint delivers a smooth, long-lasting finish that is easy to clean and maintain. The finish elevates interior surfaces, enduring the rigors of everyday life while maintaining a fresh and vibrant appearance.

High wash and wear resistance for extreme environments

Luja products have been designed for areas with high-stress requirements. They are perfectly suited for painting walls and ceilings in spaces that are subject to constant cleaning, for example kitchens, hallways, stairwells, public spaces, hospitals, day-care centres, schools, nursing homes and food industry facilities.

Surfaces painted with Luja paints are resistant to moisture and mechanical stress and withstand washing very well – even when using the high-strength disinfectants and cleaners commonly used in hospitals and other spaces with demanding hygiene requirements.

Special primers for a perfect result

Luja Yleispohjamaali is a universal acrylic primer with an anti-mould agent that protects the painted surface from mould in humid spaces and other areas with special requirements. Applying the primer under Luja interior paint provides additional protection for painted walls and ceilings.
The translucent primer Luja Moisture Stop is a moisture barrier that forms a tight film against the surface, preventing water vapour from passing into structures. Together with a topcoat it provides an additional layer of protection against moisture in both dry and wet rooms. Use Luja Moisture Stop together with Luja 7 or Luja 20 to create a water-impermeable surface in humid spaces.

Extra-durable paint with anti-mould agent

•    Long-term protection against mould and fungal growth
•    Excellent mechanical, chemical and moisture resistance 
•    Withstands the strong detergents and cleaning fluids used in hospitals
•    Class 1 resistance to washing and scrubbing (EN 13300)
•    Resistant to elevated temperatures (up to 85°C)
•    Max. 10 g/l VOCs
•   Suitable for humid spaces such as wet rooms and bathrooms

Sustainable solutions

Due to their low emissions, Luja topcoats have received the M1 classification for building materials, as well as being certified by Nordic Swan Ecolabel and EU Ecolabel. This makes them excellent choices for use in LEED and BREEAM certified buildings. 

Luja topcoats are also EPD verified – this is essential for assessing a product's environmental impact, with whole-life cycle analysis using this data to calculate a building's ecological footprint.

An increasing number of construction projects will benefit from using products that meet green building criteria. Ecolabels and certifications help in choosing coating solutions that are better for the environment as well as the health and safety of building users. By selecting M1-classified paint products with a low emission class for building materials, you ensure that the paint does not emit harmful gases that can compromise air quality and the health of building occupants.

Painting systems:

Filler: Presto LV
Primer: Luja Moisture Stop (two coats)
Paint: Luja 7 or 20 (two coats)


Moisture stop

Primer: Luja Yleispohjamaali (one coat)
Paint: Luja 7 or 20 (two coats)


Cleaning agent: Maalipesu
Paint: Luja 7 or 20 (two coats)


A whole spectrum of colours

Tikkurila brings your vision to life by offering a spectrum of colours as unlimited as your imagination. Luja paint is specifically designed to be tintable to the shade of your choice, allowing you to match it perfectly to your preferred colour cards.

Simply choose the desired colour from our comprehensive colour cards:

•    Tikkurila Symphony

•    Feel the Color 

Bring out your best and deliver beyond expectations with Tikkurila colour and paint. With the right products and solutions you can ensure a high-quality finish.


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