The floors in Talliosake facilities are durable and look great

The floors in Talliosake facilities are durable and look great – with no compromise on safety

Talliosake provides multi-purpose facilities in Finland that can be used as garages, warehouses, business locations or recreational spaces, adapting to each purpose according to customer need.

This flexibility sets high requirements for safety, durability and aesthetics for the selected floor coating. The floors have to maintain their good looks even under heavy wear, however the space is being used.

Excellent resistance to mechanical and chemical stress

The floors in Talliosake facilities have to withstand significant mechanical stress, including vehicle traffic, the movement of heavy cargo and impact from falling objects. They must also withstand water as well as exposure to various chemicals, dirt, oil, grease and detergents. This makes washability and durability essential requirements.

Added comfort and convenience

Coating a concrete floor increases its surface strength, prevents the accumulation of dust and makes it easier to clean, helping to keep the space attractive and comfortable. The choice of floor coating also has a major impact on how bright and welcoming the space feels – an important factor regardless of whether it serves as a storage or office space. For this purpose, Talliosake facilities are tinted with RAL 7045, a light colour that provides a touch of extra comfort and brightness.

The high-quality building materials used in Talliosake facilities have been selected based on hundreds of customer feedback responses and the experience gained across nearly 6,000 Talliosake properties.

Tikkurila Temafloor 3000 protects over 150,000 m2 of Talliosake floors

After priming with Temafloor 400 epoxy lacquer, the floors in Talliosake facilities are all coated with Tikkurila Temafloor 3000 epoxy screed. It is an ideal solution for floors that suffer heavy mechanical and chemical stress in industrial, warehouse and workshop facilities. The coating is highly resistant to wear and can withstand water, oil, grease, chemicals and diluted solutions of non-oxidising acids, alkali and salt. It also withstands +70°C dry heat and +60°C water.

Tikkurila Temafloor 3000 was selected for Talliosake floors in consultation with industrial flooring provider Suomen Pinta Oy. The goal was to find an elegant and durable epoxy floor coating that would make each location stand out. By considering Talliosake's specific needs and leveraging Suomen Pinta Oy's floor surfacing expertise, they arrived at a seamless solution where each component fitted perfectly in place.

The smooth, seamless and crack-resistant floor surface keeps dirt from accumulating in surface seams and crevices, making it easy to maintain. It also resists the absorption of oils, greases and other substances, helping to ensure that the floor maintains its attractive appearance between each cleaning. An epoxy floor is a durable and care-free solution that has proven to last for years or even decades in Talliosake facilities before maintenance painting is needed. Even then, a simple surface painting can make the floor surface as good as new.

The floor coating has flakes and a unique friction-increasing rough finish, which makes the floor safe, attractive and easy to maintain.
Arto Paukkonen from Suomen Pinta Oy

Sustainable and eco-friendly construction

Tikkurila’s floor coatings provide the best possible protection for concrete floors by extending the service life of the coated structure and reducing the environmental impact of buildings over their lifecycle. We are constantly developing our floor coating solutions by reducing the levels of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and emissions to secure a safer and healthier environment. Most Tikkurila products are solvent-free and we also offer water-borne products for concrete floors. Our range includes products that are M1-classified and those that meet the requirements of the LEED and BREEAM environmental certification systems.

Tikkurila’s floor coatings provide the best possible protection for concrete floors


Part of the DEN Group, Talliosake provides companies and private individuals with flexible, customisable warehouse buildings for various purposes, including business operations, recreational activities and storage.

Founded in 2010, Talliosake today operates across Finland from Helsinki to Kuusamo and has now also expanded to Sweden. All Talliosake buildings are made in Finland and the company constantly strives to reduce the environmental impact of its construction and other operations. As of the beginning of 2021, Talliosake has completed over 5,000 individual facilities, including over a hundred warehouse buildings.


Suomen Pinta Oy

Suomen Pinta is Finland’s largest provider of industrial flooring. The company operates across Finland and employs approximately 40 flooring professionals. The company’s offices are located in Oulu, Kuopio, Seinäjoki, Turku, Rovaniemi and Helsinki.

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