Smart and colourful pedestrian bridge attracts attention with its futuristic form

Smart and colourful pedestrian bridge attracts attention with its futuristic form

A newly built bridge for pedestrians and cyclists was opened in Jonava, Lithuania, immediately becoming an expressive, iconic symbol of the modern, dynamic city.

The impressive futuristic form of the 61-metre bridge communicates sustainable mobility with its memorable shape and original design, while significantly improving the connection between pedestrian and cycle paths on different sides of the road.

At the opening event for the bridge, the mayor of Jonava district, Mindaugas Sinkevičius, gave an optimistic speech, saying “Let this bridge not only enable the safe transportation of our community, but also connect us more closely. Let it be a decoration of our city that will inspire us all.”

All pedestrian areas were painted with a high-performance floor coating system with excellent resistance to sunlight and abrasion and a non-slip finish.

Smart technology: lighting changes at the touch of a button

The bridge becomes a colourful source of entertainment in the evenings as residents can change the colour of the bridge's lighting themselves. After choosing their favourite colour from the five options – yellow, green, red, blue and purple – citizens can change the lighting in real time at with just one click. After 30 seconds the bridge will be illuminated in the selected colour. It is possible to choose another colour 30 seconds later, but no individual user can change it more than 10 times a day.

Bridge’s expressive design featured on

Jonava’s pedestrian bridge has already been noticed by the most visited architecture blog in the world, The blog shares pictures of the bridge and remarks on how the bridge is both a symbol of the city and solves logistics issues, connecting residential areas with the multifunctional Jonava Sports Arena complex and giving pedestrians and cyclists a route over the busy highway. It also observes the ambition of the design, with the expressive, memorable shape partially reflecting the character of the Sports Arena. In this way, the blog concludes, the two objects stylistically complement each other, forming “a modern, very distinctive but unified architectural ensemble”.

A high-performance floor coating system

The main challenge for the customer was to find a high-performance floor system with excellent resistance to sunlight and abrasion and a non-slip finish. All pedestrian areas were painted with the Tikkurila floor system Temafloor 6, which is designed for use in demanding environments where resistance to UV light, abrasion, pressure and salt is required. The system is also non-cracking and ideal for pedestrian bridges, parking decks, vehicle bridges and ramps with steel and concrete surfaces.

The floor system for the bridge’s steel decking consisted of three layers:

1. Primer: Temabond ST200. An ideal primer thanks to its strong adhesion to steel.

2. Base coat: Temafloor PU Color. Base coat is prepared by broadcasting sand onto the fresh coat to create a rough and durable surface and an excellent non-slip finish. Temafloor PU Color is a solvent-free, self-levelling polyurethane coating with good impact resistance.

3. Topcoat: Temafloor PU-UV Color. Temafloor PU-UV Color is a solvent-free, self-levelling, tintable polyurethane coating with excellent resistance to UV and heavy mechanical and climatic stress.

The wide colour range of Temafloor PU-UV Color gives almost unlimited options to designers and the coating gives the floor a unique finish. The Jonava pedestrian bridge achieved its distinctive look by combining the colours Tomato Red (RAL 3013) and Concrete Grey (RAL 7023) into a spectacular finish.

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