BioRid – keeps your surfaces dry and clean

BioRid is a water-borne, functional coating for elimination of moisture and for keeping the coating surface dry. Mold prevention is based on the physical processes occurring in micropores.

The paint film temporarily accumulates water inside during the condensation period, and when the surface temperature is above dew point, the moisture evaporates into the atmosphere. This evaporation process happens in a more efficient way compared to a flat surface due to the microporous matrix technology.

Biorid drytech surfaces

For example, one square meter of BioRid in a thickness of approx. 1mm represents a 12,000 times increase in relative surface, i.e. about the size of two football fields.  That is why water evaporates faster and the painted surface stays dry.

BioRid Treatment


BioRid is especially suitable for new and previously painted surfaces in conditions, where protection of the paint film from mold contamination is required, such as living facilities, bathrooms, cellars, parking garages, food industry premises, warehouses and animal husbandry operations.

There are two versions of BioRid for brush, roller and spray application:

Product name



Application methods



1,2 kg/l

1,0-1,6 m2/l or

750-1200 g/m2


Roller or brush


BioRid Spray

1,2 kg/l

1,0-1,6 m2/l or

750-1200 g/m2


Airless spray,  roller or brush


BioRid system – easy and effective care

For clean and nice-looking surfaces, Tikkurila offers its customers the BioRid system.  In addition to BioRid and BioRid Spray, the system contains two other products: BioWash and ProSeal.


  1. BioWash cleaning detergent 
  2. ProSeal primer before applying BioRid 
  3. BioRid functional coating 

BioWash is a very effective cleaning detergent for removing mold and algae. It is suitable for new and previously painted concrete, plaster, brick and metal surfaces. The detergent is a ready-to-use liquid for making the substrate cleaner and ready for painting before treatment with BioRid, BioRid Spray or ProSeal BioWash can be applied by spray, sponge or brush.

ProSeal is a translucent water-borne primer. It is recommended for use on porous and absorbing surfaces before applying BioRid or BioRid Spray. ProSeal is intended for interior walls and ceilings and can be applied by brush or spray.

Application instructions

  • Use BioWash to clean surfaces from mold and algae. 
  • Treat absorbing and porous substrates with ProSeal.
  • Apply BioRid according to the recommendations on the can to provide a functional and effective result.

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