Tikkurila Drytech - Functional microporous coating solutions

There are many areas that need to be protected against moisture, condensation and noise. Tikkurila is now able to offer Tikkurila Drytech products as sustainable and easy-to-use solutions for professionals, industries and consumers alike for solving problems related to mold, condensation, noise and asbestos.

Tikkurila Drytech products are a series of functional coatings, based on a unique, microporous matrix technology. At the heart of their operating principles are the physical processes that occur in micropores – such as accumulation and evaporation of water. In addition, some of the coatings offer insulation, reduction of noise and encapsulation of asbestos.

Main functional properties of microporous coatings

  • Absorbing condensation water
  • Spreading liquid water over the coating
  • Breaking the surface tension
  • Speeding up evaporation due to the enlarged surface 
  • Insulating


All Tikkurila Drytech products are water-borne, and they meet European Health and Safety requirements. Their application areas are wide ranging from residential facilities, cellars and garages to industrial facilities, sports arenas, large parking areas and warehouses.

As one-component products they are easy to use and apply by brush, roller or spraying. There are also versions for industrial application lines. 

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