Make intuition a tool with these five steps

Make intuition a tool with these five steps – read Marie Olsson Nylander's tips

Interior designer Marie Olsson Nylander believes that harnessing intuition has endless potential when it comes to creativity and providing clients a fresh perspective.

Intuition is an instinctive sense, a knowing without conscious reasoning. When combined with analytical thinking, intuition becomes a potential tool in navigating the creative process.

– Intuition is our best guide when it comes to shaping the world of colours, says Marie Olsson Nylander,  a Swedish entrepreneur, influencer, designer and the creator of Tikkurila’s latest colour collection.

Olsson Nylander always relies on her gut feeling regarding her work with clients. The ability to create spaces that captivate and inspire goes beyond technical skill and knowledge. It requires tapping into a deeper realm of intuition.

Intuition is a process

Regardless of the space, Olsson Nylander always considers intuitive feelings as beneficial for her work as an interior designer. When on location, she envisions the space and the desired style before starting the more practical part of the design process.

Although Olsson Nylander believes the designer's intuition is a valuable tool, she emphasises the importance of listening to the client’s needs. Designers and architects can harness their intuitive abilities to create environments that feel good and endure over time, but also ensure the space is what the client ordered, and that it's functional for its users.

– Sometimes the client doesn’t even realise how big an effect the interior has on them. If I think some solutions wouldn't work in the long run, I say that to the client. I want to create future-proof spaces that fit the clients' wants, Olsson Nylander says.

Intuition is a process

Making intuition a tool

Intuition is like an occupational self-confidence. You need to trust your vision in order to build up your confidence. Here are a few tips for you to try when aiming to harness intuition in your design work:

  1. Intuition needs practice. Start with smaller decisions, and as your confidence increases, move on to bigger solutions.
  2. Feel the space you are working with. What comes to your mind first? Does it serve the purpose of the space?
  3. Use those intuitive aspects to guide you through the design process. You will come to a creative conclusion when you trust your vision.
  4. When working with a client, encourage them to use their intuition. How does the client want the space to feel? What kind of solutions do they believe will help to achieve this feeling?
  5. Don’t be afraid of the size of the space or the surfaces. Be bold in your choices, use colours with courage, but stay committed to your plan or the plan made with the client.
Artwork in Color Now 2024

The Color Now 2024 collection

Color Now 2024 is a collection of 14 natural tones curated by Olsson Nylander. She hopes that designers will use the collection intuitively. Give the space an uplift by painting solely the crown mouldings or the ceiling using the collection’s Powder in Pisa tone. Alternatively, choose one colour for the whole room with one colour, for example Lips in Lyon, including the ceiling. See the collection

But first and foremost, feel the space and listen to your intuition. That way you can create something unique and give your clients a satisfying end result. Intuition is a powerful tool that helps us open ourselves up to new possibilities and create spaces worth experiencing. It broadens the ways you can serve your client and make the space fit just for their needs. 

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