Otex Akva

Quick-drying water-borne adhesion primer.

EPD verified
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Polish Hygenic Certification
  • Light to brush on
  • Light to brush on
  • Low-emission adhesion
  • 808
  • 6 m²/l
  • 8 m²/l
  • 5 h
  • 1 h


  • Matt


Quick-drying water-borne adhesion primer.

Product Features

Suitable as a primer and intermediate coat for both new and previously painted surfaces. Otex Akva adheres well to surfaces that require special adhesion, such as glass, tile, fiberglass, melamine, PVC plastic, aluminum, zinc-coated sheet metal, and surfaces coated with alkyd and acid-curing paint. Also suitable for wood, wood fiber board, chipboard and metal surfaces in dry interior premises. Not suitable for maintenance painting of surfaces painted with nitrocellulose lacquer.

Recommended Uses

For interior surfaces that require special adhesion. Also for exterior window frames painted with polyurethane or acid-curing paints.

Light to brush on

Otex Akva adheres well to various demanding surfaces such as glass, glass fiber, PVC plastic, aluminum, melamine, zinc-coated sheet metal, and tile surfaces in dry interior spaces.

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Otex Akva

Light to brush on

Makes priming easy – Otex Akva dries quickly. Otex Akva adhesion primer is light to brush on and easy to level.

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Otex Akva

Low-emission adhesion

Otex Akva has a mild odor and provides a water-borne alternative to adhesion primers.

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Otex Akva

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