Painting mineral facades

Painting mineral facades

For surfaces that have to regularly withstand extreme weather conditions, careful planning and protection are needed to increase durability.

Cost-efficient and environmentally friendly solutions

Mineral façades are typically a cost-effective choice as they are environmentally friendly, waterproof and durable, and they come in a wide range of colours and designs. With the right products and correctly timed maintenance, you can ensure a high-quality finish for your mineral façade, safeguarding your investment for years to come. 

Tikkurila products are produced responsibly, taking into account quality, environmental and safety considerations. The quality and durability of our mineral façade products start with carefully selected raw materials. 

Manufacturing is based on decades of experience in surface treatments and comprehensive laboratory tests that ensure superior functionality. The unique product compositions demand a lot from the tinting system, so we have developed tinting pastes together with our water-borne products. If you need something durable and beautiful, Tikkurila's façade solutions are an easy choice. 

How to choose the right product for mineral façade

There are several types of mineral surfaces and both the base material and whether it is a renovation or a new building will affect the product selection. You should also consider the desired visual end-result and how much water and water vapour permeability the surface needs to have. This will help you choose the correct paint for your surface.

Finngard 150 is ideal for painting concrete structures and surfaces rendered with cement mortars, especially as a first coating. It protects the concrete against humidity and carbonation while the inorganic colour pigments used in its tinting system provide excellent weather resistance, ensuring that the colours stay strong even in demanding conditions.

Façade painting is often delayed by adverse weather conditions. Finngard Silicone Allweather helps you to keep to your schedule and become less dependent on the weather. It is a water-borne, alkali-resistant, silicone-modified acrylic paint that protects concrete and cement against humidity and carbonation with excellent coverage, colour retention and durability. Finngard Silicone Allweather has early rain resistance and its wider application temperature range extends the painting season both earlier in the spring and later into the autumn.

Finngard Clean is a great product for exterior painting. Due to its super hydrophobic surface, the paint repels dirts and keeps the underlying structure clean and dry, even in impure weather conditions. The paint also allows water to come through from the substrate as vapour.

Please note, when applying paint or cleaning products to mineral surfaces, it is essential to follow the instructions provided by the manufacturer.

How to paint mineral facades

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